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Perhaps the most exciting aspect of buying a new home is getting to decorate it however you please. Everyone wants their homes to look like those staged professionally on TV. However, many think that you need to have experience in interior design to pull off such a look. Nothing could be further from the truth. All the resources needed to make your home look magazine-worthy are right at your fingertips.

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Common Decorating Guidelines

Design Design
Focal Points

Professional interior design tips are not trade secrets; anyone can learn and implement them in their own design projects. For example, a chief design rule is finding a room’s focal point (the one feature in it that immediately draws attention such as a fireplace). A focal point should be the centerpiece of a room’s design, with all other elements complimenting it. Focal points can be built-in features, furniture pieces, or even something as simple as a painted wall.

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Rule of Thirds

As you begin to add new decorative features, remember the professional deccorator's rule of thirds. This design concept is based on the idea that groupings of like elements (e.g., pictures, vases, tabletop arrangements) are more visually appealing in odd numbers. Remember, however, that each grouped element should be unique (think of vases of different heights and colors). Having them in an odd-numbered group emphasizes each piece’s uniqueness.

Performance Performance
Correct Placement

It is also important to remember that there are indeed standards when it comes to the proper heights and distances between interior design elements. Having them placed haphazardly around a room can take away from a space’s aesthetic feel. If you’re not sure what those standards are, several free interior room or design kitchen online programs are available to help you see exactly what should go where before purchasing materials or furnishings.

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The tools you need

Online interior design programs can make the process of decorating your home much easier. Rather than guessing how the aforementioned design rules should be applied, these tools allow you to actually visualize them, thus helping you to better incorporate them into your plans. With these resources in hand, you’re well on your way to implementing a stylish and trendy design scheme that will rival anything TV homes have to offer.